Illustration and Design


art element Toad Song
Picture Book, 32 pages
By Lalena Fisher

Grumpy Chipmunk curls up to sleep just as those noisy toads start croaking. After trying to shush them, Chipmunk resigns herself to listening. She hears the song of the creek, the Toad Song. They tell secrets of the trees, and news of night. On tour with the Toads, Chipmunk sees, hears, smells, and feels the goings-on outside—things that happen while she usually sleeps. Finally, she even finds a special gift just for her, comforting her into a slumber rich with dreams.

Toad Song is a 243-word picture book invoking the senses in a context of exploration and imagination. The rhythmic verse contains an unusual rhyme scheme that invites a “complete the sentence” guessing game with the reader at each page turn, with word play to discover. The illustration is created in a crazy-quilt style with embroidery and patterned fabrics. Here is an example, followed by a few spreads from the dummy book. To see the full dummy, please contact me.

art element

pages 04-05

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pages 10-11

Three consecutive spreads to give an idea of the verbal pattern:

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art element
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