Illustration and Design


art element Pursuit of the Magic Piece
Picture Book, 32 pages
By Jeanne Cheng, Lalena Fisher
Illustrated by Lalena Fisher
Kye’s Montana LLC 2015

Kye has lost the Magic Connector he needs for his Power Robot! His pursuit lands him in the veggie garden, where new friends give him clues to the power source for his robot—and himself!
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art element Create!
Coloring Book, 8 pages
By Lalena Fisher
Hanger Inc. 2016

Coloring book showing kids being creative while wearing prosthetic and orthotic devices made by Hanger Inc. This book is available in clinic waiting rooms. Characters also appear on wallpaper.
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art element The Wonder Pets
Save the Nutcracker!

Board Book, 20 pages
By Jennifer Oxley
Using art by Lalena Fisher
Simon/Nickelodeon 2009

The Wonder Pets dance through the Land of Sweets, designed by Lalena Fisher. Click for more

art element Super Bounce Ball Science
Activity Kit and Book, 48 pages
By Corinne Pyle
Designed and Illustrated
by Lalena Fisher
Scholastic/Tangerine Press 2008

Kids learn physics by making a Super Bounce Ball and conducting experiments from the book.
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art element Milo and His Mundo
Picture Book, 32 pages
By Lalena Fisher

“Milo, Milo, pájaro quetzal!” calls Mundo every week when he comes to the zoo. The colorful little quetzal bird listens to Mundo's daily adventures in Mexico, told with short phrases in Spanish. One day, Mundo doesn’t show up. "Where is Mundo?" Milo asks the parrot, javelina, and tree-frog. Then Milo gets news of his friend’s biggest adventure, and finds an exciting new beginning for himself too. Click for more

art element Not All Fluff
Picture Book, 32 pages
By Lalena Fisher

Sheila loves rocking out on the old drum kit she found in the shed. That is, until the other sheep say she's not fluffy enough, and can't be a sheep—or a girl—at all. But after coyotes surround the barn howling for dinner, Sheila summons her inner rock star—and finds that rather than an outsider, she is a leader. Click here to see more

art element Toad Song
Picture Book, 32 pages
By Lalena Fisher

Chipmunk can't sleep with those noisy Toads croaking. They sing the song of the creek, the Toad Song, telling secrets of trees and news of night. Chipmunk sees, hears, smells, and feels all kinds of things that happen while she usually sleeps. She even finds a special gift just for her, comforting her into a slumber rich with dreams. Click for more