Catbox was a Houston band from 1994-1997 with the starting lineup of Robert Dibrell as mastermind and drummer, Jack Livingston as guitarist, and Lalena Fisher as bassist and lead singer. The original cuddly-punk band now exists only in legend and on their one audio release, a cassette they recorded on a 4-track at Robert's house in 1994, fueled by pimento cheese sandwiches. Lalena went on to co-found The Hissyfits and then lead The Color Guard in New York City; Robert conducts several pop and cowpunk music projects in Houston and Austin; and Jack records music solo in his basement when he's not creating works of visual art.

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Catbox is a Houston three-piece whose somewhat eccentric members have been involved in numerous unconventional bands for years. Here they again take time out from better paying jobs to have some fun with a four track and we're the beneficiaries.

Guitarist Jack Livingston, whom I enjoyed live several months ago with drummer Robert Dibrell, may stumble a bit, but he is a storehouse of licks likened to a trip down 60's garage-punk-pop-and-blues memory lane; always something interesting going on. Lalena Fisher plays bass and brings a compelling vocal with to the already sarcastic, irreverent and satirical lyrics.

"Run Away" is grown up advice on dealing with problems. "I Don't Want to Talk About It" is a heated boy/girl spat put to song and "Johnny Don't Cry" (which I've had stuck in my head for a week now) is a catchy number which instantly hooks you with Lalena's rhythmically repetitive verse delivered in a pouty Leslie Gore tone that barely hides her amusement. "I'm not mean, never mean, never mean, like an angel," followed by "Johnny don't cry, Johnny don't cry, Johnny don't cry...", and then in a more commanding tone, "'Til I say so." Exceptional! Catbox's sound may be a bit dirty, but overalll the smell rising from this litter is fresh. -- Audities (1995)
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