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Assemble to Disassemble
Paper, tape, stickers, staples; foam, spackle, wood, epoxy, acrylic paint; migajón: white bread, glue, lotion, vinegar, acrylic paint
22 ft. x 20 ft.
Installed in the Texas Capitol Ground Floor Rotunda for the first week of the 86th Legislative session, Assemble to Disassemble illustrated the determination of young people calling nationwide for change after 2018 school shootings. In this piece, a military-style grid of paper Mary Jane shoes direct themselves at an AR-15. The rifle is disassembled, its parts lined up neatly as if the young people have done their work. The shoes were hand-fabricated by a community of friends, colleagues and kids. Among the gun parts blossom white flowers made from a bread-and-glue recipe called migajón, used by generations of women to create heirlooms for their daughters and granddaughters. The handcrafted blossoms represent home, hope, and a new generation of Texas leaders. Assemble to Disassemble served as the centerpiece for a Fisher-curated exhibition examining gun culture, with Naomi Spinak’s quilted U. S. flag Sweet Land of Liberty and Mison Kim’s architectural drawing series Guns, Games and Glory. For press and more information, see links below. (Photographs by Philip Rogers)

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